A Shoulder
to Lean On,

Discover the healing power of connection with our peer-to-peer mental wellness app. Because sometimes, all you need is someone who listens.

Connect Through Text, Audio, or Video

Choose how you want to connect. Whether it’s text for those late-night thoughts, audio for when you’re on the go, or video for when you need to see a friendly face, we’re here for you. Video calls can be pixelated for added privacy, ensuring comfort in every conversation.

Anonymity & Privacy

Your story, your way. Speak freely with the option to remain anonymous, safeguarding your privacy while allowing you to express your true feelings without fear of judgment.

AI-Moderated Safe Space

Safety first, always. Our AI-based service works round-the-clock to monitor and flag sensitive content, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for everyone.


Reduce Symptoms

Combat feelings of depression, loneliness, and work-related stress through the power of connection and understanding.

Suicide Prevention

In moments of despair, find hope and reasons to stay. Talk through your thoughts and feelings with someone who cares.

Build Connections

Join a community where empathy and support are at the heart. Make meaningful connections that uplift and empower you

Our Philosophy

We believe in the unparalleled power of human emotion and interaction. While AI chats offer a solution, they cannot replicate the warmth and understanding of a human connection. Our app bridges this gap, providing a platform for those in need to find solace in each other.

How It Works

Step-by-Step Guide: “Signing up is simple. Choose your preferred mode of communication, decide on the level of anonymity, and start connecting. Whether it’s through direct matches or joining support groups, you’re never alone

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